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Tenderloin Steaks

Wagyu Tenderloin Wagyu Filet Mignon American Kobe

 Making up only 4% of the total beef that comes from a carcass and is the most tender cut of beef available, you only need a fork to cut it.

 8/6 oz Steaks $148 - Shipping Included

New York Strip Steaks


Long known as “the King of Steaks” the New York Strip has a slightly firm texture and a solid beefy taste. 

4/16 oz Steaks $148 - Shipping Included

Top Sirloin Steaks

American Wagyu kobe Sirloin top siirloin

The Sirloin steak has a rich robust character with a distinct Firmer texture which makes it the perfect choice for grilling or broiling. 

6/8oz Steaks $96 - Shipping Included

Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks

American Wagyu Beef Boneless Ribeye

 The most popular steak today and rated near the top for tenderness. Add the natural buttery flavor that comes from being Wagyu and it is a sure winner. 

4/16oz Steaks $158 - Shipping Included

Santa Maria Wagyu Tri-Tip


Historically associated with the large cattle ranches in the Santa Ynez and Maria Valleys of Central California in the 1800's the Santa Maria Tri-Tip is now a national holiday treat. We have made it simple by providing a 2.5-3# Wagyu Tri-Tip, a bottle of  Dry-Rub Seasoning our favorite recipe; you add oil, vinegar, fresh garlic and you're ready to grill.

$115.00 Shipping Included

Order by July 1st to get it for the 4th.

Grill Master Special

Grilling Wagyu Beef Burgers wagyu hotdogs kurobuta pork sausage brauts

 Our fall special is perfect for the game. Whether it is the Wagyu Burgers or the Kurobuta Pork sausages you can’t help but score big on these. 

Includes: 6 – 6oz. Burger patties, 4 Pork Brauts and 4 100 % Wagyu Beef Smoked polish sausages  $85 - Shipping Included

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The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company  established in 2008 is a family owned business operated from the ranch. Our beef is raised, finished, processed and packed right here in Montana.

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