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Tenderloin Steaks

Wagyu Tenderloin Wagyu Filet Mignon American Kobe

 Making up only 4% of the total beef that comes from a carcass and is the most tender cut of beef available, you only need a fork to cut it.

 8/6 oz Steaks $158.00 - Shipping Included

New York Strip Steaks


Long known as “the King of Steaks” the New York Strip has a slightly firm texture and a solid beefy taste. 

6/12 oz Steaks $171.00 - Shipping Included

Top Sirloin Steaks

American Wagyu kobe Sirloin top siirloin

The Sirloin steak has a rich robust character with a distinct Firmer texture which makes it the perfect choice for grilling or broiling. 

6/8oz Steaks $99.00 - Shipping Included

Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks

American Wagyu Beef Boneless Ribeye

 The most popular steak today and rated near the top for tenderness. Add the natural buttery flavor that comes from being Wagyu and it is a sure winner. 

4/16oz Steaks $169.00 - Shipping Included

Boneless Delmonico Steaks

boneless wagyu delmonico steak montana wagyu beef

 Our Boneless Delmonico steaks are cut from the center of the Chuck where the Rib Eye muscle continues into the shoulder. This allows us to cut a smaller thicker steak then a traditional Rib Eye which has the nice beefy flavor of the chuck.  

6ea -16oz $165.00 Shipping Included

Sirloin Brisket Burger

Sirloin Brisket Burger Wagyu Montana Montana Wagyu Patty Patties Ground Holiday

  Our seasonal Sirloin Brisket Burger was only dreamed of until now.  Enjoy a new culinary delight with the deep beefy flavor of the sirloin and the juiciness of the brisket, you are getting the best of it all. Add to this the flavor and tenderness of dry aging of the whole carcass and it becomes obvious these are not your average burgers.

 6 ea  7 oz. patties  $80.00  Shipping Included

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Montana Wagyu Beef

The Montana Wagyu Cattle Company  established in 2008 is a family owned business operated from the ranch. Our beef is raised, finished, processed and packed right here in Montana.

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